NFL Network: NFL Network network in the news

NFL Network has been in the headlines recently after a report that the network was in talks to become a standalone cable network.

We are looking at that for a second.

The NFL Network was also mentioned in the latest episode of the show The Big Picture with Andrew Kaczynski.

Now that it has been mentioned again, what do you think of the network? 

The Big Picture With Andrew Kampasz: So it seems like there is a possibility that the NFL Network could get a standalone channel or at least a channel dedicated to covering other sports.

Do you think that would be a good idea for the network or would that be a terrible idea?

Brennan: I don’t know.

I think that it’s a great idea.

I would love to see that.

Kampaszy: I think they have some of the best analysts out there, so it’s not like they have to do a lot of research to be able to get the right information, which would be great for sports fans.

I just think it would be fantastic if they were able to do that. 

Brett: Yeah, that would definitely be great.

You’re one of the biggest fans of the NFL, so do you like the team, the team?

Kamposzy: Yeah.

I like the fans.

It’s great to see the team get back into a league that they really love, but also know they’re going to get some exposure.

That’s always a bonus.

Brent: I definitely have a soft spot for them.

I love that they have so many great analysts, so I think the team and the fans should have more exposure than just the analysts.

I also think the fans can get a lot more information out of the analysts than the analysts can.

I feel like the NFL is a little bit of a ratings juggernaut and I think it should be the ones that are the ones making the decision to get on the air.

It is a ratings company, but it’s really the players and the coaches that make it what it is.

 Brennans comments about the NFL getting a standalone network: It’s always been a great partnership.

We’re doing a lot with the network and with the players.

They’re a really great group of guys.