How to watch a live NFL telecast for free from your mobile phone

DRAFT NATION: How to Watch a Live NFL Telecast for Free from Your Mobile Phone (2018) article 1.

Set up your Dish Network account.2.

Sign in to your Dish network.3.

Tap the Dish Network logo.4.

Click the “View” icon to the left of the “DISH Network” logo.5.

Tap “My Dish Network Account” in the upper right corner.6.

Select “Dish Network.”7.

Enter the number of your mobile network and select “My Network.”8.

Tap OK to close.9.

Your Dish network will appear.10.

Go to the “Stream” menu and select the NFL Network.11.

You’ll see a stream of the NFL game you want to watch.12.

Tap on it to begin.13.

Tap or hold the “Play” button to watch the game on your mobile device.