When Dish Network will be able to offer the same package for its subscribers, including DVRs, DVR streaming, etc.

Dish Network is offering a package for customers who are not paying full price for their DVR and are willing to pay more.

The new price will go live starting April 30, 2018.

Dish Network said in a statement that it’s looking to offer new DVR packages starting in the second half of 2018.

“We’ve got to keep the pricing as low as possible, so Dish customers can enjoy the best deals on DVR service available in the U.S.,” Dish Network CEO Greg Smith said in the statement.

“The Dish DVR package is the most affordable way to access all the DVR features Dish offers, including full HD video, unlimited video streaming, and more.”

The new Dish DTR package will start at just $20 per month, and the plan will cost $20 a month thereafter,” Smith added.

The package includes a two-year Dish DTV subscription, unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies, and a $100 credit towards a Dish DIR-20D DVR rental or new subscription.

Dish says the $20-per-month package is “the lowest price ever for Dish DTH packages, and we are pleased to be offering it to our loyal customers.”

Dish also announced that it will offer a $30 credit towards its Dish DNR-100D DTV rental.

Dish plans to expand its DVR offering later this year.

The DVR prices are part of Dish’s effort to offer its customers more options and more options is part of its plan to increase its subscriber base.

The Dish DCR-100 and Dish DFR-100 are two of the most popular Dish DTS-HD and DTS 4K DVR models.

Dish has also launched its own DVR app called Dish DSR-100, and Dish is rolling out DVR-related features in the new DTR, including support for a DVR on the Go.

Dish is also offering its customers the option to rent out their DTRs through DVR services like DVR Now and DVR Home.

Dish announced last year that it was expanding its DTV and DTH offerings.

Dish also said last month that it would begin offering DVR apps on Apple TV.