What’s new in the WWE Network with the WrestleMania 30 recap

The WWE Network will get a major update, and it’s not just a new app for users.

As part of its next-generation plan, the WWE has announced a new video-streaming service called WWE Video.

The service is set to debut on July 27th, and will stream matches, behind-the-scenes footage and behind-scenes segments of the WWE Championship and NXT Championship.

That’s a major milestone for the company, and one that will likely bring an influx of new fans to the network.

In addition to the WWE, the service will also offer a slew of other sports content, including boxing, wrestling, and soccer.

It sounds like a big deal for the WWE.

According to the company’s site, the new service will be available for free to existing subscribers.

The service will offer more than 100 hours of new content for subscribers, including exclusive video footage from live events like WrestleMania, the Super Bowl, and more.

The company is also offering an introductory offer to subscribers, which will give them access to up to four hours of exclusive WWE programming a month, starting on July 28th.

The WWE is also promising new video content for the next few weeks, including a live-streamed segment of the Royal Rumble in June.

While the WWE may have been focused on bringing the brand into the digital age, the company has also recently focused on making its video-game offerings look a little more realistic.

The first-party WWE games have had some rough patches, including some games that made a bad impression on a growing playerbase.

Now, with the WWE Video service, the network will finally be able to capitalize on the popularity of the companys most popular game, WWE 2K17.

The WWE Network is set up to launch with the new WWE 2.0 title, which was released last year.

The new WWE Video app will also feature a host of new features, including match-by-match updates, backstage footage, backstage interviews, and video previews.