Pornhub launches new porn channel asmr Network

Pornhub, the online porn platform that is the default source for the porn of your choice, has unveiled a new channel to bring the best of its online content to a wider audience.

The channel, dubbed “asmr Network” and featuring an eclectic mix of popular porn stars, is slated to launch in mid-April.

Its content is a mix of adult content from the likes of Nicki Minaj and Ashley Madison as well as the new adult movies that will be released on its site every month.

The channel is available in both standard and premium editions and will cost $5.99 per month.

The launch is part of an effort to give people a reason to use Pornhub.

It is also part of a larger strategy by the company to improve its user experience in an effort, according to CEO John Mackey, to get people to use the site more frequently.

“The reason that we’re doing this is we want to get the best content that we can for the people who are visiting the site,” Mackey said.

“So that means we want more options, we want it to be more user-friendly.

And we want people to be able to find what they want.”

Pornhub is not alone in its effort to improve user experience, as the industry is struggling to stay relevant.

Pornhub’s subscriber base has dropped from about 10 million to about 6.5 million since the launch of its free service in January.

However, the company continues to make money, as it’s the only major video-on-demand platform that has made money since its launch.