What you need to know about NFL Network schedule

When it comes to the NFL Network, most of the networks broadcast their games online, and those that do not offer the service have to rely on a pay-per-view or pay-to-view model.

While the NFL has had a pretty good history with its digital platforms, it is not without its fair share of problems with the platforms that use its data, including a few that could potentially affect the game itself. 

A new report from DigiTimes claims that the NFL is looking to bring its online network closer to what it has in its broadcast partner networks.

The network is reportedly looking to partner with a pay TV provider that would allow it to stream the games at an online service provider.

DigiTime is claiming that a company called NFL Live is the rumored pay-TV partner, and that the service will allow for live streams of the games. 

The NFL Network is reportedly already in talks with Pay-TV provider ESPN, and could have its live streaming of the NFL’s games in the future, according to Digi Times. 

According to the report, the NFL also has plans to partner directly with DirecTV to stream its games live. 

NFL Live, like the other networks mentioned, will be offering an on-demand experience for users, which will be similar to the live streaming that ESPN does with its pay-for-view network. 

While the NFL seems to be taking the next step toward being the next pay-tv provider for the NFL, it remains to be seen if it will be able to offer a live streaming service for the games on its own.

The NFL did not respond to an inquiry from Ars by press time.

DigiTimes’ report comes a few months after it claimed that the league would likely be interested in partnering with a provider like ESPN to stream games live on its network.

That deal is now said to be in the works, and would allow the league to provide live streaming for its games at no additional cost.