Discover Networks: HBO’s The Middle is the new Game of Thrones

Netflix has renewed its hit show The Middle, which starred Issa Rae and was a huge hit in India.

Netflix said the show will be available to its customers in India from December 20.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings and Vice President of Content Strategy, Richard Plepler, spoke about the new series in an exclusive interview with The Times of India.

The show premiered in India on November 30, 2016, and was also a hit in the UK, Germany, France, and Spain.

Netflix also announced in October that it will bring back a popular series, Black Mirror, for the Indian audience.

The series will air on Netflix in the country starting in 2018.

Netflix is not disclosing any viewership figures for The Middle.

The Middle has been available in Hindi and English since 2013, and is also available in several other languages.

India has the largest audience for Indian programming, with over two billion viewers tuning in to TV shows in 2017, according to a report from research firm Nielsen.

India also has one of the largest diaspora communities in the world.

In India, there are around 10 million people of Indian descent.