How the Black Hawk Network is changing the way we think about weather in the US

I’m in charge of the Black Hawks, an emergency response team that’s deployed over the last decade to the nation’s capital.

The Hawks are a group of specially trained and equipped helicopters that have been used to track the movements of the US military’s Black Hawk drones, as well as the helicopters that ferry US troops and civilians to and from the National Mall.

This year, the Hawks deployed to Washington DC in what was once a traditional military-style exercise called Operation Desert Storm, but has been expanded to include a variety of events.

The Black Hawks’ main mission is to provide a real-time look at what’s happening in the region, with the mission of keeping the US on top of the situation.

For the past few years, they’ve also been providing weather forecasts to the media.

“The Black Hawks were originally intended to provide information to the news media, and then the Blackhawk Network came along and provided the same service,” says Matt Miller, the Blackhawks’ executive director.

“And now we’ve brought that to the web, and now it’s been adopted by all of our clients.”

The Black Hawk’s main mission: to provide weather forecasts and to keep the US atop the situation in the area.