Which NFL teams have the best draft prospects?

The Washington Post published a comprehensive list of the top 50 prospects in the 2016 NFL draft class on Thursday.

Here are some of the highlights:1.

New England Patriots (4): The Patriots are the only team with a player in the top four picks.

Two of their picks are former NFL players.

The fourth is an offensive lineman, and they’re not just picking up one of the best prospects in football.2.

Oakland Raiders (5): The Raiders are getting the most out of their second-year quarterback, Derek Carr, with the fifth pick.

They also have the most high-upside picks.3.

Indianapolis Colts (6): The Colts have a lot of upside on defense, and it could be that this group of picks is the best in the draft class.4.

Buffalo Bills (8): The Bills have a very solid front seven, which could be a good fit for the team as it continues to add talent to the secondary.5.

Dallas Cowboys (11): The Cowboys are looking to add a playmaker to their offensive line, and the first four picks are offensive tackles.6.

Green Bay Packers (13): Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback whisperer who is getting the biggest draft hype in recent memory, but the Packers have a ton of talent up front, including quarterback Aaron Donald.7.

Miami Dolphins (15): The Dolphins have a big need at safety, and this class of picks could be the most talented in the class.8.

Cincinnati Bengals (17): Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is one of many coaches who is talking about the future of his team.

The Bengals will be in a tight race with the Bills and Falcons to land him.9.

Jacksonville Jaguars (20): The Jaguars are looking for a running back who can help their pass rush, and Jalen Ramsey is the guy.10.

Denver Broncos (22): The Broncos have a strong quarterback, Peyton Manning, but a lot to like in their offensive front seven.11.

Chicago Bears (25): The Bears have a top-five defensive line and a talented secondary, and with the second-best offensive line in the NFL.12.

Arizona Cardinals (27): Arizona has a quarterback in Carson Palmer, who is still young, but they also have a running game in De’Angelo Henderson and a very good secondary.13.

San Francisco 49ers (30): The 49ers are in the process of getting rid of their franchise quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who will turn 30 in June.

But they still have plenty of talent on defense.14.

Tennessee Titans (32): Tennessee is loaded with talent up and down the defensive line.

The Titans have a talented defensive front, but there is still some room to add to the defensive front.15.

Houston Texans (34): The Texans have some talent at quarterback, but at the running back position, the team is a bit short on talent.16.

Detroit Lions (36): The Lions have a quarterback with potential, but will they get him to be ready for the NFL draft?17.

New Orleans Saints (38): The Saints have some very talented players at wide receiver, and there is plenty of room for them to add another wide receiver in Brandin Cooks.18.

Greenville Panthers (40): The Panthers have a deep defensive line, which will allow the team to get younger on defense with the third-best defensive line in football in the next few years.19.

Chicago Packers (42): The Packers have some talented talent on offense, and at the quarterback position, they have some serious depth.20.

Pittsburgh Steelers (44): The Steelers have a great offensive line and they have a good quarterback.

They need a running quarterback, and that could be Josh Dobbs.21.

San Diego Chargers (45): The Chargers have a couple of players in the first round with potential and could be able to use their third-round pick on one of those players.22.

Cleveland Browns (46): The Browns could get a lot more out of offensive tackle Jordan Poyer than they thought.

The Browns need a defensive lineman, as well.23.

Kansas City Chiefs (47): The Chiefs are in desperate need of a playmaking wide receiver and they could be looking to draft one of their two quarterbacks.24.

Arizona Chargers (49): The Cards have a solid offensive line with several young players.

They are also in need of another running back and a playmakers at receiver.25.

Denver Chargers (50): The team has some very good talent at wideout and offensive tackle, but need a pass-rusher.26.

Oakland Lions (51): The Detroit Lions are in a playoff chase, and need a good pass-rush in the secondary to make things happen.27.

Buffalo Jets (52): The Jets could use a run game and they need to add some talent to their defensive line to help.28.

Indianapolis Bills (53): The Buffalo Bills could be getting an edge rusher in Malik McDowell.29.

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