Nintendo Network and its kids’ network are coming to CBS, but what will you do with them?

Nintendo Network’s main channel is likely to come to CBS as part of a deal announced Wednesday.

But the network’s children’s channel will remain on Disney Channel.

In a statement, CBS said the network has “finally made the decision to make a deal with Nintendo Network to bring the popular Nintendo network to CBS.”

It did not elaborate on what that deal will entail.

The deal is expected to make Disney Channel the second-largest U.S. video-on-demand channel, with around 50 million subscribers, behind only Netflix.

Disney has long been the leader in kids’ TV programming, and Disney Channel is the most-watched children’s TV channel in the U.K., with around 7.4 million subscribers.

Disney Channel is a joint venture between CBS Corp. and Univision Communications, which includes Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

The network has a total of about 10 million subscribers in the United States.

Disney, which makes its own animated shows and films, is also the parent company of ESPN.

Disney owns about 20 percent of CBS Interactive, the company that produces CBS Interactive programming.

Disney also owns the rights to ABC’s popular daytime talk show “The View.”