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article Posted by The Huffington (CNN) on Thursday, March 19, 2020 04:03:33The Huffington Post, a news and opinion website owned by AOL Inc., is reporting that a number of people are using a new video app called “Tinder” to get laid.

The app is described as a dating app, but it’s also a “social media tool” for women.

The Huffington article says Tinder is a “platform for finding, chatting and connecting with people of all ages and interests.”

The app uses facial recognition technology and “hits” on a user’s face to track their location and profile information.

The article says the app “is a perfect match for young women who want to find a man of their own age, gender, ethnicity and national origin.”

The article also says Tinder uses “unique algorithms” to identify women, but not men, and that the app is “not for straight white men.”

“Tinder doesn’t offer a dating profile, so you won’t be matched with the perfect match,” the article says.

“It’s the opposite of Tinder’s tagline: ‘It’s not a game.

It’s a match.'”

The app was created by a group of women in the US who said they wanted to create a “feminist” dating app that didn’t just match young women, it was a “match of the century.”

The app “seems like it would be a fun way to meet like-minded people and make new ones,” the group’s founder, Sarah Hall, told CNNMoney.

The founders say that Tinder has attracted millions of users since launching in the fall of 2017, with more than 60 million users.

The Huffington article claims Tinder “is an innovative social media platform that uses facial and body recognition to create personalized profiles for users, which allow users to find and connect with people from a variety of backgrounds, including young women.”

The group says Tinder has over 100 million users, and claims it has more than 5 million active users.

The website says that Tinder’s “goal is to be the ultimate dating app for all genders, ages and backgrounds.”

Tinder is one of many apps on the app store that lets users swipe left or right to “search” for people.

Users can swipe left to “ask” for a “casual date,” and right to search for people to “match.”

Tinder is also a popular “hookup” app, where users can swipe right to connect with others.

The site also lists a number in the millions, with people between the ages of 20 and 30 having made more than 3 million profiles.

The article says women can make up to 10,000 matches with a Tinder match.

It says that the majority of matches are “casually friendly” and that a large percentage of matches happen within a day.

However, the article also includes a number that it says is “unsolicited”: Tinder is “unwilling to sell your data to advertisers, or to any third parties who want your data for advertising purposes.”

The Huffington says that “the vast majority of users who come on the service don’t want or need a relationship with anyone,” and “are just looking for a casual date or casual hookup.”

“You are welcome to explore the Tinder community, and we encourage you to,” the website says.

Tinder said it was working with the FBI to identify “a handful of people who may be using Tinder in violation of federal law.”

It says the “majority of people” it works with “have not been charged with a crime.”

The company said that it has been “investigating this matter thoroughly” and has “zero tolerance for this behavior.”

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