How to watch NFL Network schedule for Week 2: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5

With the NFL Network now available on Roku, and finally rolling out its schedule, we’ve put together a comprehensive schedule of every NFL game through Week 2 of the season.

The schedule below reflects the weekdays and games played on the network.

If you’re looking for the best times to watch, we also have a schedule of the NFL’s games on broadcast TV.

In some cases, we include NFL Network streams of games on cable networks.

If this is your first time to watch the NFL, we hope you enjoy this schedule as much as we did!

For the full list of the broadcast games and their times, visit our schedule page.

The schedule below features every NFL team’s schedule through Week 1 of the 2016 season.

The first two weeks of the regular season, the Browns play at Detroit and at Buffalo.

The Ravens face the Bills in Week 2.

The Colts face the Titans in Week 3.

The Dolphins face the Steelers in Week 4.

The Redskins play at the Bengals in Week 5.

The Ravens host the Cardinals in Week 6.

The Panthers face the Panthers in Week 7.

The Texans face the Cowboys in Week 8.

The Eagles face the Lions in Week 9.

The Chargers face the Chargers in Week 10.

The Raiders host the Chargers and Texans in Week 11.

The Packers host the Rams in Week 12.

The Bengals face the Bengals and Colts in Week 13.

The Browns host the Titans.

The Titans host the Ravens in Week 14.

The Bears host the Colts in Game #8.

The Colts host the Bengals.

The Jaguars host the Jets in Game 10.

The Vikings host the Vikings in Game 11.

The Buccaneers face the Buccaneers in Game 12.

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