How to switch from your current phone to a BlackBerry-powered phone

A few years ago, a friend told me about an app that allowed you to switch to your BlackBerry smartphone from a desktop computer, which had been on your desk for a while.

“What if you wanted to do that on a laptop?”

I asked.

The friend had to put up with some bugs in order to be able to switch.

BlackBerry has since released a few updates to the software, but most users still have to run the app on a desktop to do so.

Now, the company is adding a new option to the mobile app that allows users to switch between their BlackBerry devices with one tap.

The feature is available for both Windows and Android devices, and it’s designed to be compatible with both the BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Classic line of phones.

“If you want to switch your BlackBerry phone to the BlackBerry Cloud service, you can do that in the app and you’ll be able switch your devices without leaving your desktop,” said Steve Wilson, the general manager of BlackBerry’s Connected Devices business unit.

“You can also switch to the Cloud service in a single tap in the menu, and if you want more flexibility, you just tap on the device that you want.”

The switch from one BlackBerry phone, to another, will happen automatically once the user has connected to their new BlackBerry device, Wilson said.

In the past, you’d have to go to Settings > General > Bluetooth & Wireless > Bluetooth Device, enter the Bluetooth ID, and then tap the icon to change your Bluetooth device.

Now you just need to tap the Device icon and choose your new BlackBerry smartphone.

When the switch is complete, the switch will happen without having to leave the desktop.

“This will enable a seamless experience with the BlackBerry Mobile app and make switching between the two devices easier than ever,” Wilson said in a blog post.

The switch to BlackBerry Cloud is a first for BlackBerry, and the company’s Cloud app has existed for years on its desktop platforms, as well as in Android.

For example, it has supported Windows Phone for years and is now available on Apple’s mobile platform, as is its BlackBerry Messenger app.

However, it hasn’t had the same level of ubiquity as BlackBerry’s apps on other platforms.

That could change soon, as BlackBerry announced plans to make BlackBerry Cloud the default for all its phones on the company, including the BlackBerry Q10.

“As BlackBerry moves forward with the introduction of the BlackBerry Elite line of products, it is becoming more important than ever to provide our customers with the best experiences on BlackBerry Cloud,” Wilson wrote in a post on the BlackBerry website.