Why Netflix isn’t making the switch to a new platform for its shows

Netflix announced on Monday that it will be discontinuing its TV streaming service and will be replacing it with a new app.

Netflix announced the move in a blog post on Monday, and it comes after the company faced a barrage of criticism for not making the move sooner.

While Netflix is technically a streaming service, the company has not offered any plans to support live TV, unlike Amazon and Apple.

But Netflix has said that its app, which is free, will continue to support “the traditional way to watch TV.”

The app, called the “TV Everywhere” app, allows users to watch any of the company’s current shows in a list of available channels.

Users can also search for shows on their own by name, or by their network or category, and can even switch to another app to watch a different show.

In addition to the move to the new app, Netflix is rolling out a number of new features in the app.

The app will be able to sync across multiple devices, including iOS and Android devices.

It will also allow users to create custom playlists that can be saved to their mobile devices, for example, so that they can watch the same shows on different devices.

While some have questioned the move as being too late, Netflix said that it had been working on a solution to its problems with live TV for some time.