Which of these four TV shows will you watch next?

We’ve compiled our picks for the 10 best TV shows of 2016.


The Mindy Project, NBC (CW)This was an impressive debut season for the network, which picked up two big wins, both of them by bringing back the mindy character from Mindy Kaling’s original sitcom Mindy.

The first one, a new version of the series starring Mindy herself, was an emotional and heartfelt portrait of a troubled young woman struggling to find her voice.

The second, an hourlong miniseries about Mindy’s life, was the best of the new season.

The show won our Best New Show Emmy for best comedy series.

The original Mindy was also a big hit, garnering an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.


Bob’s Burgers, Fox (Fox)It’s not the most ambitious comedy of the year, but the Fox comedy is clearly enjoying a new era with the introduction of a new character.

It’s been a while since the show starred Jason Bateman, who had his best year as Bateman in 2017.

The Bobs Burgers reboot has been renewed for a fifth season, and it’ll star a new cast.


Blindspot, CBS (CBS)The CBS series has been a big winner this year, and its new season will include a whole bunch of new characters.

We’ve included the most surprising ones, like the first-time parents of a child born with Down syndrome, the first black woman to become the head of an organization, and the first transgender woman ever hired by a major U.S. company.


The Good Wife, The CW (CW),The CW has made a concerted effort to be a family friendly network, so it’s no surprise that its second-year drama The Good Fight was a huge hit, winning four Emmys for Outcast and Outstanding Drama Series.


Modern Family, ABC (ABC)In the most recent season of this series, ABC gave us the best season of television since The Goldbergs, which had four Emos in all.

It also scored a big Emmy win for Outfront and Outlander, both the best drama series of the decade.


The Muppets, ABC Family (ABC Family)In its sixth season, the Muppeteers won the Emmys, and they were the show that had the most outsize fan following.

The series had a lot of laughs, great characters, and great stories.

It was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Program.


Orange Is the New Black, Netflix (Netflix)The Netflix series was one of the most important stories of the 2016 presidential election, and now that it’s coming to an end, it’ll be missed.

It has a very specific story arc and will probably never see the light of day.

It won three Emmys and is one of our favorite shows of the season.


Veep, HBO (HBO)We’re always thrilled to see a show get the award it deserved in 2016, but Veep was a great start to a new season that has been an incredible ride.

It brought a new generation of people to the show, including its star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and earned the award for best drama Series.


Mad Men, AMC (AMC)Mad Men, like Breaking Bad before it, won multiple Emmys in 2016.

But this season has been especially impressive, because it has one of TV’s most important characters: Sterling Cooper.

The former CEO of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is now the executive producer of The Man in the High Castle, the show’s first major TV show in a decade.


The Middle, Showtime (Showtime)We didn’t think this would be a big year for Showtime, but we’re so excited to have The Middle on our show list.

The new season features some of the best writing and acting from a cast that includes Rachel Bloom, Megan Mullally, Kevin Spacey, and James Marsden.

We’re also excited to see some of our old favorites return, like Anthony Anderson, Sam Rockwell, and J.K. Simmons.