Disney-owned ABC Network to launch Farmers Business Network app

Disney-owned ABC Network has announced that it will launch a mobile app to help farmers across the country manage their land and manage their farms.

The app will be available to Apple Watch, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire TV and will be free to download, but will cost $1.99.

The app will allow users to find their neighbors in their neighborhood, track their farm’s progress, and create a report on what’s going on with their farm.

It’s unclear when the app will launch, but the launch is a big step for ABC, which has a history of launching mobile apps.

ABC’s most recent mobile app, Farmers Report, launched earlier this year and was one of the top-grossing apps in the app store.

In addition to Farmers Guide, ABC’s other mobile apps include Farm Life and Farming Guide.

Farmers Guide is available for iOS and Android, and will launch on both devices next month.